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Marlin Fishing Seasons

Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef is world-renowned for its Giant Black Marlin Season which runs from September to December. No other marlin fishing destination compares to the Cairns Giant Black Marlin Season. Undoubtedly the reefs from Cairns to Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef produce the largest black marlin and the most prestigious game fishing in the world.

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The Australian Fishing Zone (AFZ) is the third largest in the world

6,000 marine species recorded in Australian waters

Australia is renowned world wide for its unpolluted waters

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We work with a small selection of trusted marlin charter operators.  Full day or multi-day, we'll quote your perfect marlin experience based on your time and budget.

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Multi-Day Mothership Fishing

From September to December the Great Barrier Reef enjoys visits from Giant Black Marlin. This legendary fishery is accessed in comfort and style by M.Y. Spirit. Why not try a hand at game fishing under the watchful eye of Captain Martin.

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Lizard Island

From September to December the Black Marlin return to the waters around Lizard Island and for 7 days each October, Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic sees boats and game fisherman from all over the world ascend on Anchor Bay to fulfil dreams of catching one of these majestic creatures.

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