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Barramundi Fishing Seasons

The Barramundi would have to be one of this country's most iconic sports fish and can be caught in both fresh and saltwater.

The freshwater fish are generally a lot bigger in girth than the salties as they don’t have to fight current or tide. But both can be caught using the same methods.

The rivers and dams of Queensland can produce enormous barramundi while the Northern Territory offers the most exciting barra fishing on the planet.

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The Australian Fishing Zone (AFZ) is the third largest in the world

6,000 marine species recorded in Australian waters

Australia is renowned world wide for its unpolluted waters

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Discover Barramundi Fishing


Darwin Barra Fishing takes you to the most incredible remote destinations!

Welcome to the Northern Territory - Barramundi heaven. Whether you’re after a relaxing day on the water or a heart-racing week-long adventure, Darwin Barra Fishing has you covered.

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Barra Heli Fishing

Our heli-fishing adventure takes guests to the best and most remote fishing spots around Darwin, as well as a local pub for lunch, where guests will experience an outback trip like no other.

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Queensland Barra Fishing

Barramundi aren’t just a northern species. River systems such as Fitzroy in Central Queensland’s Rockhampton region and the Mary River on the Fraser Coast are home to some of the biggest breeding populations of barra on the east coast. 

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