New South Wales Fishing - Australia

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Fishing in New South Wales

With 2,000kms of stunning coastline, over 40 lakes and 6 major river systems, you’ll find excellent fishing and boating opportunities in NSW.

In Northern New South Wales, driving distance from the Gold Coast, the waterways of the Tweed district provide excellent beach, rock, and boat fishing.

Elsewhere in New South Wales, a range of water ways offer deep sea fishing, beach fising, rive and boat fishing.

River species include Trout, Murray Cod, Catfish and European Carp. Flathead, bream and snapper are abundent when beach fihing.

Credit: information from Visit New South Wales


The Australian Fishing Zone (AFZ) is the third largest in the world

6,000 marine species recorded in Australian waters

Australia is renowned world wide for its unpolluted waters

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New South Wales

New South Wales has over 40 lakes and 6 major river systems.

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