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Australian Fishing

Any way you look at it, Australia is an angler’s paradise. A massive island with a sparse population, our coastline stretches nearly 60,000 kilometres and is surrounded by warm, clean, lightly-fished seas.

Not surprisingly, the richness and diversity of Australia’s fish life is nothing short of mind-boggling, with nearly 4,000 marine species and many of these fish are found nowhere else on earth.

Included in our catalogue of fishing riches are such glittering prizes as chrome-silver barramundi, massive Murray cod, the world’s greatest seasonal concentration of the huge black marlin, record-breaking giant trevally, succulent snapper and whiting, and some of the finest trout fishing to be found anywhere south of the equator.

Abundance, variety and diversity are the core characteristics of Australian fishing. Casting a line here is a giant lucky dip, and some of our tropical destinations have been known to yield well in excess of 50 species per angler in less than a week of fishing. Not that you need to travel to the more remote and far-flung corners of Australia to experience fishing bliss: there are day-trip opportunities right on the doorsteps of our major cities. These allow you to mix the pleasures of fine dining, entertainment and cultural immersion with offshore pelagic fishing or river angling.

Better yet, because Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere, our seasons are reversed. While North America, Europe and much of Asia are experiencing winter weather, we’re enjoying the summer sunshine. So come on down and wet a line. The water’s fine, the fish are biting and the locals are friendly.

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  • Queensland has 1855 species of fish - 1625 of which are found on the Great Barrier Reef.
  • About 45% of Queensland fishermen own a boat.
  • Fishing with a line is the most popular fishing method in Queensland.
  • 50% of all fishing in Queensland is shore-based.
  • The three most commonly caught Queensland fish (30% of all fish caught) are Yellowfin Bream, Sand Whiting and Trumpeter Whiting. 
  • The most commonly caught fish on the Great Barrier Reef are Coral Trout, Red Throat Emperor, Tropical Snapper and Sweetlip. 
  • The two most commonly caught freshwater fish are Golden Perch and Australian Bass.
  • Recreational fishermen catch 1.4 million Mud Crabs, 3 million Prawns and 3.5 million other crustaceans like Yabbies each year.

6,000 km coastline


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New South Wales

New South Wales hosts such iconic fisheries as Sydney Harbour and the mighty Murray River.  Saltwater or Freshwater fishing, NSW will have you catching fish all year round.

Species include Atlantic salmon, Australian salmon, yellow fin tuna, wahoo, tailor, swordfish to name a few.

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2,137 km coastline

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Northern Territory

Make use of abundant fishing opportunities year-round in the NT, though some species should be targeted according to the territory's four unique seasons which revolve around the monsoonal rains.

The Build-Up Season (Oct - Dec)

The Wet Season (Jan - Mar)

The Run Off Season (Mar - Apr)

The Dry Season (May - Sep)

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5,437 KM coastline

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Fishing In Australia

The diversity of Australia’s fishing experiences is as vast as the country itself. Check out Tourism Australia's Great Fishing Adventures website for more information.