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PLEASE - Holiday at Home

  • Ange Esdaile
  • 2020 March 10

If ever there was a time to garner support for our battered tourism industry, it's now.  Our federal, state and regional tourism organisations are doing an amazing job, reacting quickly, changing tack and supporting the industry.  But as a small business in the tourism industry, this is what it looks like from the bunker. In November we were getting word from our inland operators that due to the drought, the rivers and streams in NSW and QLD were now too low to support any fishing activities. We cancelled confirmed bookings and pre-scheduled media visits.  At this time, the Go Fish …

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Go FIsh Australia New Website

  • 2019 August 25

Go Fish Australia is proud to introduce our new website. With even more info on the best fishing spots around Australia, we create bespoke fishing packages to suit all levels of fishers. Discover extraordinary fishing experiences with us! Call Us     Email Us

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