Fishing Experiences

Our fishing experiences are tailor made for anyone from amateurs to enthusiasts.

We want to share Australia's waters with you.

We will get you access to the best fishing destinations across our country, from pristine deserted barches to creeks and rivers, and outback esturies.


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Helicopter Fishing

Your own helicopter takes you to your fishing location. We have three truly unique helicopter fishing advntures to choose from.

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Outback Fishing

Travel by helicopter at dawn and land on a working cattle station in the Outback for a unique fishing adventure.


Rainforest Fishing

Glide through the rainforest in your kayak as you fish for bass, all whilst observing the abundant native wildlife.

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Fishing Charters

We've taken the time to find the top vessels and crews across Australia. We only recommend the very best.

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Trout Fishing - Sydney

You don't need to travel to Tasmania or New Zealand to find the best trout in Australia. It's right here on your doorstep just outside of Sydney!



Indigenous Fishing

Aboriginal Australians will show you fishing methods perfected over thousands of years by the Country's Traditional Owners.

 Our Experiences

We stand by every fishing experience that we coordinate for our clients. We've taken the time to find the best fishing craft and crews across Australia. We only recommend what we've seen and experienced to ensure the service is always professional and offer a great day or days of fishing.

If you have any questions about any of our fishing experiences please contact us:

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