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With a background in tourism and event management spanning over three decades, combined with a thriving fishing business, we've combined these passions to bring you Australia's most exciting and innovative fishing experiences for your special event. Whether that's a laid-back beach fishing event with fishing drones and a beach BBQ, or a private helicopter flight ready to drop you into a remote location only to be met by private fishing guides and a smooth glass of whiskey. We've got the creative spark to make the impossible possible.

Get ready to be impressed by our keen eye for detail, open and constant communication, and a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind ideas. And then, brace yourself for an event that goes above and beyond your expectations, perfectly capturing your vision and fitting snugly within your budget. We can't wait to make your event truly extraordinary.

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Just Add Water 2022

Corporate Beach Fishing

Kick your feet back, grab a frothy and leave the details up to us.


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