About Go Fish Australia


Winner in the QTIC Prize for Innovation in Tourism Awards 2018


35 years experience



Listed in the Top 50 Tours of the World - Traveller Magazine


"Did you know there are more fishing rods sold in Australia than there are bicycles?"

Ange Esdaile


Go Fish Australia was launched in 2017 by Ange Esdaile to assist State and Regional Tourism Organisations uncover and nurture their incredible fishing assets in their region.  From the blue waters off the coast to the brown inland waters of this country, Australia has such an incredible assortment of species that are available to catch all year round. 

We also have the most dedicated and professional fishing guides in Australia who are passionate about showing both national and international fishing fanatics exactly what we have to offer.

It has been our pleasure to connect these fantastic fishing operators with the tourism resources at their disposal.